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Application Procedure

  • Application fee is $30 per applicant 18 years or older
  • Fee is due when application is submitted and only cash or money order will be accepted
  • Timeline to process will generally be between 2-3 days, and delays may occur if necessary information is unavailable

  • Process

  • Credit History
  • We will contact the credit bureau to review your personal credit history Your application could be refused if your credit bureau report shows a history of unpaid charges, late payments, etc.

  • Monthly Income
  • We will contact your employer to verify your income, length of employment and job stability. Monthly income should be greater than three times the rental amount. If self-employed we may require a copy of your tax return and/or six months prior bank statements

  • Rental History
  • We will contact your prior landlords for rental history information



    Application Acceptance
  • If your application is approved you will have 24 hours to submit a deposit.
  • Upon payment of deposit we will hold the property by written agreement

  • Prior to keys
  • A security deposit and one months rent must be paid in the form of a cashiers check or money order prior to occupancy
  • If pets are allowed an additional deposit will be required for each pet
  • A statement of condition check-in agreement will be completed prior to move-in together with digital pictures of the premises